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How to Get Ready For All Kinds of Camping Weather

If you plan on camping, check the weather in your area before heading out. Keep in mind this is a prediction, not always accurate, but good. It is always a good idea to take rain gear, even in summer.

No matter the season, layer up. You need to be prepared for any type of weather. You’ll need more layers in the winter than in the summer, but layers are vital.

Camping in Cold Weather

There’s no way to know what the weather will do, so you need to be prepared for anything. Get started here, and use the Camping Tote system to make it even easier! Cold weather can happen at the beginning and end of the camping season, especially at night. This is why you should be prepared! Keep that in mind if you’re planning on camping in the mountains.

Here’s what to wear in cold weather:
• Hats
• A heavy coat
• Long-sleeved shirts
• Boots
• A sweatshirt
• Gloves
• Summertime Camping
• Long pants
• Heavy socks

Camping in Summer

Summer brings a whole new set of problems. When it’s cooler, you can wear layers and bring lots of blankets. But tents can be uncomfortable in the summer when it’s hot. Think about this and choose a tent location where you’ll get some breeze and shade. Make sure you have a cooler for perishables.

If you’re staying longer than your cooler can hold, you’ll need to get more ice. Bring lots of water. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. But make sure you pack extra water in the summer. Save space by packing water as ice, putting it in the cooler, and drinking from it as it melts.

Camping in the Rain

It’s not always sunny when you go camping. Sometimes there are times when it’s rainy, cold, and not as fun. I guess what matters is how you make it. It’s much more peaceful to watch a rainstorm in your tent with warm blankets than out on the trail without a raincoat. Use tarps to keep the rain off and have a good time.